Spinach pesto rolls

We are currently in the Keppel Islands in Queensland Australia. Impi got stocked in the Whitsundays and it is not our intention to go shopping anytime soon. So careful management of fresh ingredients is a must as to stretch them out as long as possible.

Yesterday I made a spinach and cashew nut pesto which is as easy as putting half a cup of raw cashews in a blender, adding two handfuls of raw spinach, 2 garlic gloves, a little salt and a few table spoons of olive oil. Blend and there’s your pesto. I served it with pasta and roasted mushrooms and tomatoes.

A lot of pesto remained so today’s rolls used the left over pesto with some vegan cheese to make a delicious wholemeal roll flavoured with pesto. Served with an avocado and tomato salad, it was delicious.

Ingredients for the rolls:

1 sachet of dry yeast

a little salt to your liking

400 grams of wholemeal flour

1/2 cup of vegan pesto (homemade or other)

2 tbsps of olive oil

125 grams of vegan cheese

a cup of tepid water


Mix the yeast with tepid water and let it stand for 10 minutes, then add the oil, 1/2 cup of wholemeal flour and the olive oil and let it stand for another 10 minutes.

The mixture should be bubbly and airy, otherwise your yeast is no longer working! Add the rest of the wholemeal and work the dough until you get a smooth ball, not too dense and also not too wet. So you may have to adapt your water content depending on the climate you are in.

Rest your dough for 1 to 2 hours. I do my yoga whilst waiting for the dough to rise.

Roll the dough out to about 5mm thickness and spread it with pesto. Crumble the vegan cheese over the pesto.

Cut the dough in long ribbons, roll the ribbons up and place them in a greased ovenware dish with high sides so that your ribbons remain tucked in as your rolls go for their final rising session of about 30 minutes.

Spray the rolls with a little olive oil and bake for 30 to 40 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Make your tomato salad with sliced red onion and avocado. Dress with lemon, mustard and olive oil. Delicious, fresh and nutritious lunch is ready for your vegan friends.

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