Recently we have had a lot of questions related to Brent’s diabetes. Lured by the fish ‘n chip shops here in Australia his weight had gone up and so had the glucose levels in his blood.

Normally this would mean increased levels of insulin but we did not want to do that.  Instead we started on this diet, which recommends eating only 800 calories in a day. This diet was hailed as the way to counteract diabetes by a young GP from Mona Vale, a small town in New South Wales.  It is very simple and does not involve giving someone extortionate amounts of money on the internet as some supposed doctors or rather scammers do.

This diet is the real deal as our experience has born out. Popularized here in Australia by Dr. Mosley, it encourages people with type II diabetes to fast and diet on about 800 calories a day for 8 weeks in an attempt to reduce the waistline and the glucose levels in the blood.  Brent started eating in this way 4 weeks ago and his glucose levels are now normal even though he is not taking any insulin for the first time in 4 years.  In a nutshell it is a reduced calorie diet that uses only fresh foods, has little or no sugar, including fruit sugar, little or no starch, which converts to sugar in the blood stream.  Instead it uses a lot of protein and green vegetables. It uses no so called ‘lite’ products but uses full fat greek yoghurt for example.

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