Animal Welfare

On this day 14 November 2018 it is exactly 7 years since Impi left Saldanha Bay in South Africa and set sail across the Atlantic for Brazil.  A leap into the unknown, a crossing of 21 days that was the start of many adventures.


Little did we know that we would come back 4 times to a small island group called New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean and get involved with animal welfare.  We met some amazing people, not least the sailing flying vet Guy Kane, who got involved with us and started helping one dog called Moose. This small gesture towards an abandoned animal grew into a an animal welfare program aimed at helping dogs and cats on the outer islands where there is no or little help for small domestic animals.


This year Impi has been able to help 200 animals on Ouvéa and Ile des Pins.  This has only been possible through joint work between the Province, the volunteers from the Society of Protection of Animals, Guy Kane, the flying sailing vet, the sponsorship of the Down Under Rally and money graciously given by Impi’s friends and followers. A big thank you to you all. Our latest project is documented in this movie.


Plans for next year you ask?  Well we have already a pledge of $6000 towards programs on Lifou and Maré from the Society for the Protection of Animals. We would need to raise a little more to treat another 200 animals as it costs about $50 per animal.  You can do the math!

If you visited these islands of the Loyalty Island Group, or if you enjoy our movies which are free to all, or if we helped you in any way along in your journey and you would like to help us,  you can do so via our GoFundme account or by donating through the paypal link below. Thank you!


Charitable Donation for Animal Welfare

Impi supports the work of Guy Kane, the sailing flying vet who works on animal welfare on the outer islands in New Caledonia.