Welcome to our site Catamaran Impi!

We are Brent and Ana sailing around the world on our Lagoon 440 Impi.  We left Cape Town in November 2011 and crossed into the Pacific Ocean in 2013.

We planned to complete our 10 year circumnavigation in 2021 after visiting  South-East Asia in 2019 and 2020.  However, we returned to Australia as it was the safest option in our view.  We stayed in Australia during lockdown for 2 years and departed for New Caledonia in June 2022 as it remains one of our favourite territories. Finally we sailed to New Zealand in November 2022 to meet our new grand child Zoe. We are currently back in New Caledonia for the sixth time and we are happy to be travelling with fellow lagoon owner Euan on Kofikat and Darrin on Adamas. We plan to complete our circumnavigation this year!