Like all people we sometimes wonder why we do what we do.  Let me explain, each movie takes about 50 to 70 hours editing.  Sometimes, we have equipment failures which are frustrating and means that we have to start all over again.

Sometimes we have really rude comments from people.  And yes, we do not charge for sharing our experiences nor are we so wealthy that the cost of internet upload time or replacing equipment is unnoticed in our budget.

So why do we do what we do?

Well we want to encourage people who love to sail to follow their dreams, to take a risk and have a little sail on the wild side. To help them to begin a plan to succeed getting out on the water.

Some of our friends and followers just enjoy the ocean but are a firm land lubbers, so we want to share some shots of our daily life for them to enjoy.

We come from a country where a lot of people suffer as they cannot see a common goal, where their differences are seen as more important than what they hold in common.

We hope that by sharing our love for the ocean and its creatures, we bring together people in a small way making this world a little bit kinder and a little bit less selfish.

What do we get back?  Well, we meet a lot of likeminded people either in person or online.  They encourage us and we encourage them, creating a little vortex of care, making this world a little different. Many of these people enable us to respond to the needs we see around us by sponsoring our animal welfare programs, in turn bringing people further together.

So we thought we publish some of the comments that people have recently sent us as they mean a lot to us.

Thank you!

Comment: Your latest video touched my soul with your excellent videography, music selections and editing. Outstanding! A very emotional experience. Thank you Brent and Ana

Comment: Somehow, those stunning opening scenes made this 72 year old get emotional… I can’t explain why, but there you go. I expect you experienced something similar, so you repeated some of them in slomo. THANK YOU!

Comment: Brilliant , the technical sailing input you add into your videos is what others should do as well – you both put a lot of work into these videos for us all to enjoy, learn and share thru IMPI your journey sailing thru around the world – totally inspired.

Comment: Always love to see your videos. Great scenery, a wonderful sense of adventure, the technical parts are always greatly appreciated and your general sense of adventure is felt all the way here in Chicago. Better early morning watching than the local news. By far. Thanks for sharing.

Comment: Exhilarating sailing in the roaring 40’s woven with informative and educational slots. Had never seen or heard of such cloud formations before and it reminded me of the quote “Men in a ship are always looking up, and men ashore are usually looking down.” – John Masefield. Southport and the good people came across as a real buzz. Will make a donation to your animal welfare cause when I get some cash together – a huge animal fan having also volunteered in animal rescue centres here in Ireland. Fair winds.

Charitable Donation for Animal Welfare

Impi supports the work of the Society for the Protection of Animals in New Caledonia, an organization that works on animal welfare on the outer islands in New Caledonia.