Power Tools on Board Impi

Hello dear friends!

Ok so why do I show this amazing image from Christian  who has been one of the first people to support our new website.

You know many cruisers are making money to sustain their lifestyle in exchange for movies, blogs and so on.   So often, our friends and followers assume that we also do this.    Only our close friends and followers who have been with us from the start know that the only donations we accept are going to animal welfare.

Our internet use and time is totally free.  Just now and again we ask for support for our animal welfare projects in New Caledonia.  I would like to thank so many sponsors of Help Us To Help Others for their generous donations.

Some of you were as heart broken as we were when Moose our abandoned island dog,  passed away.  We take comfort in the fact that the love for Moose brought together a lot of people and that through this love, many animals are having a better life on Ile des Pins.

Today Guy Kane is finishing his week long sterilization program on the island.  We know that many other islands await the same service.  So all the people who constantly ask us questions, maybe if you can spare 5 dollars, consider donating to our animal welfare program.  We thank you in advance as you are changing not just animals’ lives but also the islanders’ lives.

In response to one of your questions here is a list of the power tools we have on board Impi. And if you were the one who asked this question or it is of any use, consider a small donation to help us to grow the impact our community has on improving animal welfare on the islands.

Charitable Donation for Animal Welfare

Impi supports the work of the Society for the Protection of Animals in New Caledonia, an organization that works on animal welfare on the outer islands in New Caledonia.


Similarly if you are from the US, our biggest readers, (yeah!) and you shop for your power tools via our link, we get a little commission which goes to a good animal home! Just click the link and have a look. Thank you!

So to come back to your question. Here are the power tools we use on Impi.  We assume that you will find some use for them on your boat!

Dremel toolkit with attachments

Extra cutting blades for Dremel

Flex shaft for Dremel

Oscillating disk sander tool


18V hammer drill

Hole saw kit

18 V Screw driver

Angle Grinder


Vibrating cutter

Heat gun

We also have a heavy duty 12V 11.6 PSI inflator pump available at Westmarine. Another third blog on tools will be coming your way as soon as we have time.  And that will just answer one question! Have a lovely weekend friends! Impi Out!

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