20 General Tools We Carry on Impi

Recently we have written about Power Tools on Board Impi and Tools to fix electrics and electronics.  In this third blog in this series we have chosen to list 20 important general tools we carry on Impi at the request of one of our followers. We have a lot more tools but more about that in the future! The images are linked to our Amazon store and if you buy them through our link a small percentage is paid to Impi in commission.

If you are a technical person, maybe you can predict our list.  If you are not technical try to remember them, so you know at least the name of them, if not how to use them. Here goes!

1. Magnetic and flexible claw retrieval tools

2. Inspection mirror

3. Pliers (regular, needle nose and leatherman)

4. Ratchets

5. Wrench set

6. Shifting spanner in different sizes

7. Scissors

8. Tong and groove plier

9. Screwdrivers – small, large, slotted, phillips, right angled, electrical and  precision

10. Vice grips

11. Assorted Allen wrenches

12. Hammers

13. Utility knife


14. Assorted punches

15. Tape measure and caliper

16. Wirebrushes of various sizes

17. Safety glasses

18. Seal or O-ring picks

19. Torque wrench

20. Tap and die kit

Did you predict these tools on our list?  Do you know what you would use them for?  If not ask the question!


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