Balanced Flow

It is very hard to balance on a boat, even a catamaran.  Nevertheless, I participated in a yoga challenge with a number of sponsors and hosts on Instagram.

Special thanks go to the hosts





And of course the sponsors:

Purya Vegan Super Foods

Niyama Sports

Yoga Hero

Lotuscraft Meditation




Ocean and Tides


The aim of the challenge was to practice 10 poses;

Mountain Pose

Tree Pose

Warrior 3

Half Moon Pose


Chair pose on tip toes

Revolved hand to toe Pose

Crow Pose

One legged squat

Boat Pose


And then to flow them together in a vinyasa.


So I did, but the technology gods weren’t with me as I cannot do 10 poses in 59 seconds as Instagram requires. ┬áSo I will post the movie here and you can all come and look here participants, sponsors and hosts. ┬áThank you for the inspiration!

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