Sailing the Roaring Forties EP 1

In this video Catamaran Impi has arrived in Southport Australia and is destined for Tasmania. Here we share some of the challenges to get down the east coast of Australia, we share some information about currents (currents will become an important part of causing Tasmania – especially the Bass Straits), We share some information about flying large asymmetric sails, dodge some ominous looking weather systems and more. We hope this series of videos with us sailing the Roaring 40’s will bring a glimpse of the magic we experienced down there. Links: Facebook: Instagram: Website: Down Under Rally is a sailors rally group who apart from offering sailors great opportunities in causing the waters of Australia, New Caledonia and beyond, also sponsor our animal welfare program in New Caledonia. See more about his here: Down under Rally:… GO FUND ME FOR ANIMALS:


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