How to service a Quick windlass

Over the last 7 years we have mainly lived on anchor and key to this is having a windlass in good working condition.  Our Lagoon 440 came equipped with a Quick Argo windlass 1500W, without a drum and with a gypsy for a 12-13mm chain and 18mm rope.

We are currently on the Gold Coast in Australia preparing for a trip to Raja Ampat in NE Indonesia.  Many of the anchorages are deep there, so we thought that it would be wise to open up our windlass and replace the serviceable items namely the brushes and the bearings.  In a society where throwing away items is part of the culture, it is actually quite difficult to find spare parts.

We had to order the brushes in New Caledonia, Maison du Filtre,Ducos, Noumea.  They very kindly shipped the parts to Queensland.  The bearings we found at Saul’s Bearings here at the Gold Coast but it was just as quick to receive our brushes as it was to get the bearings as stock is not kept at Saul’s.

The movie below shows you the whole process.  If you are interested in only one particular part of the process please use the links in the description of the movie to skip the other parts.



All the best and good luck with your project



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  1. Hi Brent, great video on the windlass – thanks! Quick question if you have a moment… Will the motor come away from the gear box as soon as the 2 nuts (on studs) are undone. Mine isn’t coming free. In your vid you disassembled the gearbox first – is that required to be done first? Hope to catch up with you in Qld at some stage, Bryn (L450S Nautilus)


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