Operation Dog!

Operation Dog is the nickname for our sterilization program on Ile des Pins run thanks to the entrepreneurship and skills of Guy Kane, the flying sailing vet and sponsored by The Down Under Rally Go East, the municipality, Bienetre Animal, and Impi.

Ile des Pins is a very beautiful island in the Southern Lagoon of New Caledonia, but sadly there is no veterinary care on the island with as a result, dogs reproduce unchecked. This results in stray dogs that are hungry and roam the streets of the island, being an embarrassment to the island authorities, a nuisance to the hotels and a cause for concern for the tourists.

Whereas prior to this intervention dogs were shot, drowned or simply crushed by trucks, now a humane program of sterilization is making a difference to the life of animals and locals alike.  So far 40 dogs have been sterilized and another 50 are being operated on in the week 15 to 21 January.

We are so grateful to all our sponsors, to Guy Kane and to BienEtre Animal for making this possible.

View the work of our first tranche of operations via our movie Operation Dog

More work is necessary in the future on the Loyalty Islands in particular Mare.  People wishing to sponsor this please give a dollar or two to our campaign Help Us to Help Others.

Charitable Donation for Animal Welfare

Impi supports the work of Guy Kane, the sailing flying vet who works on animal welfare on the outer islands in New Caledonia.