A HEART BREAK CHRISTMAS for us as we say farewell to an ABANDONED ISLAND DOG called MOOSE.

Anyone who knows about Impi will know about Moose, a dog that united so many people in kindness from all over the world. Little did we know when we sailed into New Caledonia, that a dog was going to teach us to stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about others.

Moose was to be the forerunner for Ana and me to set the wheels in motion and become involved in caring for animals on the islands, in particular starting right here in New Caledonia. Early morning this week whilst anchored off Southport in Australia, Ana was busy doing yoga whilst a beautiful rising sun caused darkened waters to now sparkle, huge pelicans swooped close by in regimental format, Ana was thinking what a gorgeous day.

I was snoozing below – my full name is ‘Brent Sleepyhead Grimbeek’ and for good reason since I am up all hours of the night on social media with my pals, making videos and more.

On this morning, my snoozing moment was interrupted by a troublesome cry as Ana burst into the cabin sobbing …Brent … MOOSE, it’s MOOSE …

I guess the video says it all – our tribute to the gorgeous, adorable and amazing Mooster who lived on Ilot Casy in New Caledonia.

R.I.P Moose Abandoned Island Dog